Aristotle for Everybody: Difficult Thought Made Easy (Compact Disc)

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"Almost all of the philosophical truths that I have come to know and understand I have learned from Aristotle," says Mortimer J. Adler. This easy-to-listen-to exposition of Aristotle's thoughts about nature, human actions, and the conduct of life confirms convictions that most of us hold, though we may not be fully aware of them. This is because Aristotle's philosophical insights are grounded in the common experience we all possess and because they illuminate the common sense we all rely on. Philosophy is everybody's business. It deepens our understanding of the knowledge we already have about ourselves, our society, and the world in which we live. With the proper guidance, all of us can experience success and great satisfaction from this effort of understanding, and in this, no better guide can be found than Aristotle.

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ISBN: 9781441704252
ISBN-10: 1441704256
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Publication Date: May 20th, 2012
Language: English