Spirituality versus Religion: For all who seek the truth beyond church/bible dogma (Paperback)

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For all who seek truth beyond church/bible dogma.... A stark expose of the problems we humans have brought upon ourselves with the adoption of the Abrahamic male-monotheist separated 'God' and the abandonment of the more ancient and balanced animist/shamanist holistic knowledge. This book contrasts these two radically differing world views: The ancient world view of indigenous cultures in which everything is seen and felt as alive with soul and the male-monotheist world view which teaches that only humans have souls. -And proposes that it is time for a radical change in our world view: Our Earth is our Mother Goddess, all the plants, animals, insects, fish, birds are part of her, as are we. It is not 'our' planet, we share it. Without the other kingdoms we would not exist. We need to put our faith in an Infinite-Creator-God-Source-Force of Ultimate Love and Compassion. It will help greatly to give the Eternal Mother back her rightful place in the Trinity of Existence. This will help to restore balance between the forces of ying and yang. RELIGION vs.SPIRITUALITY Belief in One God vs. Trust In the Mystery of Existence God Is Separate vs. God Is Everything Everywhere Set of Beliefs vs.Tools to Discover Knowledge God is good, devil is evil vs. Good/evil are two aspects of Creation Bible is the word of God vs. Bible is the myths of men Masculine dominant vs. Feminine/masculine in balance Jesus - only Son of God vs. Jesus - mythological figure.

About the Author

About the Author Leo Rutherford (C.Eng.M.I.Mech E. ret'd; MA Holistic Psychology) is a truthseeker, writer, lecturer and workshop facilitator, living in the UK. His life has taken many twists and turns and has shown him graphically that most everything he was taught to believe during his early formative years was untrue. He constantly endeavours to pull the wraps off that which is hidden and delights in pulling the rug from under those who seek to conceal, control, limit and dominate.

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