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The timeless, beloved classic from 1865 comes alive for a new generation. A little girl named Alice falls through a rabbit hole into a topsy-turvy magical world full of strange and wonderful creatures, such as the White Rabbit, the March Hare, the Mad Hatter abd the Cheshire Cat. Can Alice find a way back to her own world and escape from the wicked Queen of Hearts? Based upon a story that Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll's real name) told to ten year old Alice Liddell and her two sisters on a picnic in 1862, and illustrated by famed cartoonist Sir John Tenniel, this volume allows the reader to relive all the fun and fantasy of the original edition.

About the Author

Lewis Carroll was actually born Charles Lutwidge Dodgson on January 27, 1832 in Daresbury, Cheshire, England. He was a noted English author, mathematician, inventor, photographer and Deacon at Christ Church. Dodgson was home-schooled during his youth, but displayed a great intellect and he was a voracious reader. He attended Oxford beginning in 1850, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and a professorship there for twenty-six years. Dodgson had a distinct stammer, was deaf in one ear, a severe knee injury which left him with a pronounced limp and damaged lungs from a case of whooping cough. He began writing short stories and poetry in 1854, and in 1856, adopted the pen name of Lewis Carroll. Also in 1856, he met Henry Liddell, who had three daughters, one of whom was named Alice. One day on a rowing trip with the family in 1862, Dodgson told the story of "Alice's Adventures Underground" to the girls and Alice begged him to write it down for her, which he did in 1864. A family friend read it and insisted that he attempt to get it published which he did in 1865, changing the name to "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." Although Dodgson was a capable illustrator, he believed his story needed a professional illustrator and Sir John Tenniel provided the art. The book was an instant commercial success, although not a critical one, providing "Carroll" with unwanted fame. In 1871, he completed the sequel "Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There." Although he continued to write, none of his works achieved the success of the "Alice" books. He continued to teach until 1881, and died on January 14, 1898 from pneumonia.

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