The Cinema of Richard Linklater (Media) (Hardcover)

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A new study of the American filmmaker Richard Linklater (b. 1960) whose movies include Dazed and Confused, School of Rock, Before Sunrise and A Scanner Darkly.

This new edition - the only full-length appreciation of Linklater's available anywhere - includes his latest films - Me and Orson Welles and Inning By Inning.


Welcome to the world of Richard Linklater, the extraordinary US movie director from Austin, whose broad range of films - from indie (Slacker) to mainstream (School of Rock) - makes it impossible to pigeonhole him. What is not open to debate is quality of his output - his films are entertaining, intelligent, philosophical, innovative, adventurous, unpredictable, eclectic... to be honest, the adjectives could go on ad infinitum.

Welcome also to the world of Thomas A. Christie, whose pioneering attempt to pin down the elusive nature of the maverick auteur makes for a follow-up to his recent volume on Liv Tyler. This new work bears all the hallmarks of the earlier book - wide-ranging and meticulous research, and intelligent commentaries on each film, backed up by well informed and even-handed opinions. In chapter after chapter Christie demonstrates his knowledge of Linklater, his films and movieland in general - you feel safe in his cinematic hands. His opinions are authoritative - you know that Christie's judgements are the result of viewing and analysis of Linklater's oeuvre, seen through a sharp and perceptive mind. Christie shows once again that he is master of fine detail and formulated opinion, expressed in the clearest narrative prose. We couldn't ask for a better guide to the world of Linklater.

If you don't know Linklater's films, this book will make you want to see them. If you feel you know them all already, think again - you'll want to re-view them again and again after reading Christie's thought-provoking volume.

THOMAS CHRISTIE has a life-long fascination with films and the people who make them. Currently reading for a PhD in Scottish Literature, he lives in Scotland with his family.

He is the author of Liv Tyler, Star in Ascendance: Her First Decade in Film (2007) and The Cinema of Richard Linklater (2008) which are also published by Crescent Moon.

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