A Midsummer Night's Dream: Complete (Paperback)

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PUCK.How now, spirit Whither wander you?FAIRYOver hill, over dale, Thorough bush, thorough brier, Over park, over pale, Thorough flood, thorough fire, I do wander everywhere, Swifter than the moon's sphere;And I serve the Fairy Queen, To dew her orbs upon the green.The cowslips tall her pensioners be, In their gold coats spots you see;Those be rubies, fairy favours, In those freckles live their savours.I must go seek some dew-drops here, And hang a pearl in every cowslip's ear.Farewell, thou lob of spirits; I'll be gone.Our Queen and all her elves come here anon.PUCK.The King doth keep his revels here tonight;Take heed the Queen come not within his sight, For Oberon is passing fell and wrath, Because that she, as her attendant, hathA lovely boy, stol'n from an Indian king;She never had so sweet a changeling.And jealous Oberon would have the childKnight of his train, to trace the forests wild: But she perforce withholds the lov d boy, Crowns him with flowers, and makes him all her joy.And now they never meet in grove or green, By fountain clear, or spangled starlight sheen, But they do square; that all their elves for fearCreep into acorn cups, and hide them there.FAIRYEither I mistake your shape and making quite, Or else you are that shrewd and knavish spriteCall'd Robin.

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